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Selling Tactics & Strategies.

Strategic Marketing Plans. Advertising. Promotion.

Brand Royalty. Brand Strategy. Brand Value.


Leadership Development. Motivation. Persuasion.

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Investment & Trading

Investment Strategy, Investment Management

Futures Trading. Options Investment. Exchange-Traded Funds. Swaps. Forwards.

Equity Investments. Stock Investment. Stock Trading Strategy.

Foreign Exchange Trading. Forex Investing. Currency Trading. Forex Capital Markets.



Business Finance. Strategic Corporate Finance.

Business Forecasting. Cash Flow Forecasting.

Business Formulas. Financial Ratios. Financial Statement Analysis.

Business Risk. Investment Risk. Credit Risk.

Macroeconomics. Microeconomics. Managerial Economics.

Accounts Payable. Accounts Receivable. Billing. Collections.GAAP. IFRS. CPA Exam.

Real Estate Investments. Property Investment. Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Life Insurance. Auto Insurance. Medical Insurance. Health Insurance. Disability Insurance.

Business Laws. Civil Law. Criminal law. Defense Attorney. Personal Injury Attorneys. Auto Accident Lawyers.


Human Resources

Career Planning. Career Moves.

Learning Organization. Professional Development.

Training Techniques. Training Design and Delivery.

Talent Retention. Executive Talent. Succession Strategy.


Business Functions & Management

Organizational Structure. Organizational Learning.

Corporate Accountability. Public Company Audit.

Customer Care Excellence. Managing Strategic Accounts.

Occupational Health and Safety.



Business Functions & Management

Balanced Scorecard. Performance Dashboards.

COSO. ERM. COBIT. IFRS. BASEL II. OMB's A-123. ASX 10. Turnbull Guidance.

Lean Six Sigma. Quality Control. Waste Elimination. Defect Prevention.

Organizational Change. Managing Transition.


Human Resources

HR Management. Workforce Management. Employment Practice.

Employee Engagement. Work Relationship Management.

Resume Writing. Job Interview Tips. Employment Personality Tests.

Performance Appraisal. Progressive Discipline.


Business Skills

Conflict Resolution Toolbox. Mediation Techniques.

Success Strategy. Journey to Excellence.

Interpersonal Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence. Thinking and Reasoning.

Expert Judgement. Decision Management.





Strategy & Management

Business Development. Business Models. Business Plan.

Joint Ventures. Strategic Alliances. E-Partnerships.

Corporate Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Franchising Opportunities. International Franchising. Franchising Funding.



Strategy & Management

Corporate Strategy. Business Growth & Transformation.

Management Techniques. Management Models.

Value Management. Value Creation. Value Innovation.

Financial Valuation. Investment Valuation. Equity Asset Valuation.




Business Skills

Business Negotiation. Strategic Negotiation.

Creative Thinking. Strategic Innovation.

Writing Skills. Business Writing. Business Letters. Scientific Reports.

Team Management Skills. Effective Teams. Collaborative Management.




Asset Protection & Wealth Management



Retirement & Pension

Business Investment

Bonds & Fixed Income

Hedge Fund

Commodity & Energy

Financial Market



Business Management

Manufacturing & Production Management

Maintenance Management

Operational Management

Consulting Management


Business Management

Outsourcing Management

Procurement & Purchasing

Inventory Management

Product Development & Design




Payroll Management

Quantitative Finance




Cash Management

Cost Reduction and Control

Debt Management

Fraud Management





Business Skills

Positive Attitude & Emotion Control

Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling

Communication Skills & Intelligent Questioning

Facilitation Skills


Business Skills

People Management

Political Skills & Power

Stress Management

Time Management


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Healthcare Management Books. Medical Practices EBooks. Health Quality Management EBook. Hospital CEO Performance Book. Healthcare Service Excellence. Healthcare Organization.

Get Interesting Stuffs below:

Kutenk.com is Center for Healthcare Management Books. Medical Practices EBooks. Health Quality Management EBook. Hospital CEO Performance Book. Healthcare Service Excellence. Healthcare Organization.  


Healthcare Management Books. Medical Practices EBooks. Health Quality Management EBook. Hospital CEO Performance Book. Healthcare Service Excellence. Healthcare Organization.


All Professional EBooks are available on PDF Format with No Security or DRM ( Digital Right Management) Restriction.
They are fully bookmark, search, copy, print-able.


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Healthcare Management, Medical Practices, Safe and Reliable Healthcare, Lean Healthcare Pocket Guide, Well-Managed Healthcare Organization, Healthcare Strategy, Healthcare Service Excellence, Health Quality Management, Hospital CEO Performance, Healthcare Executives Critical Competencies, Healthcare Finance, Healthcare Supply Chain Performance


No Book Title Authors Link
1 Leadership for Smooth Patient Flow—Improved Outcomes, Improved Service, Improved Bottom Line  Kirk Jensen, Thom A. Mayer, Shari J. Welch and Carol Haraden  Link
2 The Healthcare Executive's Guide To Allocating Capital  Jason H. Sussman  Link
3 Understanding the U.S. Health Services System, Third Edition  Phoebe Lindsey Barton  Link
4 Collaborate for Success! Breakthrough Strategies for Engaging Physicians, Nurses, and Hospital Executives Kenneth H. Cohn 
5 Reinventing The Patient Experience—Strategies for Hospital Leaders  Jon B. Christianson et al. 
6 The Law of Healthcare Administration, Fifth Edition  J. Stuart Showalter 
7 The Politics Of Health Legislation—An Economic Perspective, Third Edition  Paul J. Feldstein 
8 America's Health Care Crisis Solved—Money-Saving Solutions, Coverage for Everyone J. Patrick Rooney and Dan Perrin 
9 The Primary Care–Market Share Connection—How Hospitals Achieve Competitive Advantage  Marc D. Halley 
10 The Innovator’s Prescription—A Disruptive Solution for Health Care Clayton M. Christensen, Jerome H. Grossman and Jason Hwang Link

No Book Title Authors Link
1 A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare—A Practical Method for Eliminating Waste Cindy Jimmerson 
2 Accounting Handbook for Medical Practices  Rhonda W. Sides and Michael A. Roberts 
3 Achieving Safe and Reliable Healthcare—Strategies and Solutions  Michael Leonard, Allan Frankel, Terri Simmonds and Kathleen B. Vega 
4 Achieving Service Excellence—Strategies for Healthcare Myron D. Fottler, Robert C. Ford and Cherrill P. Heaton 
5 Applying Quality Management In Healthcare—A Systems Approach, Second Edition Diane L. Kelly 
6 Economics for Healthcare Managers Robert H. Lee 
7 Evaluating the Performance of the Hospital CEO, Third Edition  Peter A. Weil 
8 Exceptional Leadership—16 Critical Competencies for Healthcare Executives Carson F. Dye and Andrew N. Garman 
9 Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management—A Practical Guide to Fiscal Issues and Activities, Third Edition Steven Berger 
10 Going Lean—Busting Barriers to Patient Flow Amy C. Smith, Robert Barry and Clifford E. Brubaker 
11 Haimann’s Healthcare Management, Eighth Edition Rose T. Dunn 
12 Healthcare Finance—An Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management, Third Edition  Louis C. Gapenski 
13 Healthcare Strategy—In Pursuit of Competitive Advantage  Roice D. Luke, Stephen L. Walston and Patrick Michael Plummer 
14 Human Resources in Healthcare—Managing for Success, Second Edition  Bruce J. Fried, Myron D. Fottler and James A. Johnson 
15 Optimize Your Healthcare Supply Chain Performance—A Strategic Approach  Gerald R. Ledlow, Allison P. Corry and Mary A. Cwiek
16 Raising Capital for Health Care Companies—Legal, Financial & Managerial Perspectives on Venture Capital and Other Funding Options Aspatore Books Staff 
17 Terrorism and Disaster Management—Preparing Healthcare Leaders for the New Reality  K. Joanne McGlown 
18 The Financial Management of Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations, Third Edition  Michael Nowicki 
19 The Lean Healthcare Pocket Guide—Tools for the Elimination of Waste in Hospitals, Clinics and Other Healthcare Facilities Debra Hadfield and Shelagh Holmes 
20 The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization, Sixth Edition John R. Griffith and Kenneth R. White